Basmati rice

If you think rice is just rice, then you are thinking it wrong. Basmati rice is a kind of long-grain rice. It is known for its fragrance and its flavour. it has been described as having the aroma of sun-baked wood and flowers. The biggest producers of Basmati rice are India and Pakistan, The main method of growing it is paddy field farming, that is to say fields that are put under water.
The state of Haryana in India, is the largest area for the cultivation of basmati rice, which produces more than 60% of the total basmati rice production in India. Rice crops needs between 90 and 200 days to mature. Basmati Rice is renowned for its flavor and its distinctive taste as well as its brilliant color when cooking.

Health benefits of Basmati Rice

1. Basmati Rice contains high nutritional value as it contains a large amount of vitamin B as it contains anti-oxidant elements.
2. Basmati rice contains the element magnesium, which contributes to the support functions of the nervous system in addition to selenium which strengthens the body's immunity and protects it from injury of various diseases and viruses element.
3. A new study revealed that Basmati rice prevents the formation of harmful fat layers around the arteries and prevents the deposition of cholesterol inside them, which reduces the chances of heart disease and vascular disease.
4. Basmati rice contains a very small amount of fat and very high amounts of useful carbohydrates.

What we offer?

1. We have very strong base in india two biggest market for basmati rice which is Karnal and Amritsar.
2. We export mainly 5 types of basmati rice i.e
• Traditional basmati rice
• Super kernel bamati rice
• 1121 white basmati rice
• White sella bamati rice
• Sharbati basmati rice
3. Other than above quality also we can provide as per buyer wants.
4. We offer best quality and properly milled and clean rice to you.
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